What to Expect-First Yoga Class

Yoga Page Resting PoseMany people coming to their first yoga class have many questions and may feel a little anxious about doing something brand new, not knowing how to do the different poses, or wondering if they have the “right body type” for yoga.  Yoga is a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance, and is considered a lifelong practice.  So whether you are brand new to yoga or a lifelong practitioner, we are all being exposed to new experiences and learning to honor our bodies, minds, and hearts.  Below are some tips!

What happens at the typical yoga class?

  • Before class ~ Participants settle into the studio laying out their mats and any other props suggested by the instructor.  Individuals can then relax in the studio enjoying some solitude before class, or return to the lounge to visit with others.  (We have mats and a variety of props available for your use.)
  • Beginning of class ~ Classes begin with centering where you are guided in finding postural alignment and a balanced steady breath, releasing the stresses of the day or preparing for the day ahead.
  • The body of the class ~ Classes will vary depending on the instructor and the class.  In all classes you will be instructed in positions you can move into if you need to rest, and variations or modifications for poses for individuals’ varying needs.
  • End of class ~ Classes end with savasana which is the final resting pose in Yoga where you lie comfortably on your back for final relaxation.
  • AssistsYour instructor will give verbal cues to help you get the most benefit from the poses, and may also offer physical assists using their hands to guide you into improved alignment for poses.  If you would prefer that the instructor not touch you during class let them know before class, or at any time during class.
  • Is there chanting in class? ~ Many people ask this question.  Most classes at Posabilities begin and or end with an Om.  You are welcome to join in or simply listen. Om is a Sanskrit syllable whose sound represents the union of mind, body, and spirit. Some classes may offer additional chanting.  Chants are used to invite certain positive qualities into our practice, and subsequently into our daily life.  Your instructor will always let you know the meaning of any chants before inviting you to participate.

The first step is getting through the door!

Try to arrive at your 1st class at least 10-15 minutes early so you can introduce yourself to the instructor, complete our waiver and history form, get comfortable in the space.

When you enter please remove your shoes and silence your cell phone.  We have an area at the door to leave your shoes and coats, and cubbies in the lounge where you can store any personal items that you will not need with you during class.

Be sure to inform the instructor of any health or emotional concerns that they should be aware of before class, so that they can offer suggestions to assure that the class is as comfortable and safe for you as possible.

What to bring

Yoga mat – if you have one.  If you don’t have a yoga mat we do have a number of studio yoga mats that you can use, as well as yoga mats for sale.

Water bottle – Feel free to bring water in a closable container. We have filtered water available in the studio to fill your water bottle if needed.

What to wear

Comfortable pants and a top that allow free movement, but that also fitted enough that you can bend and stretch without exposing too much – Yoga pants, sweat pants, or shorts are all good choices for the bottoms.

Yoga is typically done barefoot, but you are free to wear socks into the studio before class and to put on at the end of class to keep your feet warm and cozy.  (If you really can’t stand the idea of being barefoot you can find yoga toe socks with treads in some stores and on-line.)

The studio is typically maintained somewhere between 70-74 degrees.  Many people like to bring in an extra layer for the top to wear at the beginning of class before your body gets warmed up and at the very end of class as the body is cooling down.

In consideration of others please come to class free of scents including perfumes and colognes, or smoke, as these can be irritants for some people.

Taking care of yourself

At all times during class you should honor your body and your personal needs.  Yoga can be excellent for your health and well being, but like all activities there can always be a risk of injury.  To help decrease this risk:

  • Listen to and follow instructions carefully.
  • Do not perform poses or movements that are painful.
  • Breathe smoothly, and if your breath becomes ragged or labored back off from the pose or modify.

If you have any questions prior to your first Yoga class at Posabilities feel free to contact us by phone 207-743-0930.

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