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Take Charge of Your Health

7 easy steps to improve your health and save health care dollars now and in the future.

It seems that health insurance and health care have become more confusing and uncertain than ever before.  While you may have limited control over the health insurance and health care systems, there are many things that you can easily do for yourself, on a day to day basis, to decrease your risk of illness and in turn, save health care dollars now and in the future.

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Physical Therapy Factoids

PT ServicesThere are many events, situations, and conditions that can keep us from feeling healthy and whole.  At Posabilities we offer a variety of healing modalities.  In this post we will focus on Physical Therapy services offered by Katey Hawes, MS, PT.

Physical therapy is a therapeutic intervention where the Physical Therapist (PT) and patient or client work in partnership to address physical impairments and promote mobility, function, and quality of life through assessment, care planning, education, and physical interventions.

Education and credentials: Physical Therapists (PTs) are licensed and have received at least a Bachelor’s degree. These days most PT’s have a Masters degree in Physical Therapy, and all training programs are now at the Doctor of Physical Therapy level.  Some practices and facilities also utilize Physical Therapy Assistants (PTAs).  PTAs have completed at least a two year associate’s degree program and are also licensed by the state.  PTAs are supervised by PTs, who do all evaluations and set up the plan of care which the PTA then follows.

Direct access – In Maine, you do not need a physician’s referral to be evaluated or treated by a Physical Therapist.  Some insurances may require a physician’s referral or approval of the PT plan of care, so check with your insurance company.  Medicare patients can be evaluated without a physician’s referral; however, the PT’s plan of care will have to be approved and signed by your physician (the PT should send this to your physician and get the needed authorizations.)

Freedom of choice – Your primary health care provider may suggest that you pursue Physical Therapy and may suggest where you go for your Physical Therapy.  You have the right to choose your Physical Therapist, and you are not obligated to receive Physical Therapy in any particular facility.  These days many health care systems are encouraging providers to refer within the system where they work.  If your health care provider is recommending a particular PT or PT practice, ask them to clarify their reasoning.  It is your choice where you receive your PT services.  You should choose a PT that you can easily communicate with, that you trust and is convenient for you to see.

Physical therapy costs and treatments vary – When selecting a Physical Therapist or PT practice ask what the typical charge is per PT session, what the typical length of each session is, and, if you have insurance, what your co-pay or co-insurance may be.  Insurance companies negotiate different prices with different PT practices and facilities.  If you are paying out of pocket, have a high deductible, or co-insurance costs this is important information.  Even if you don’t pay more out of pocket for higher cost services, these costs may eventually trickle down to you in future premiums, co-pays, co-insurances, and deductibles.  Despite the fact that a practice may be out of network for you, with prompt payment discounts and longer treatment sessions you may be able to save some money.

What to expect – At your first visit your PT will evaluate you and your primary complaints to identify current and potential problems.  Based on these findings, and your personal goals, your PT will set up a plan of care including specific interventions, goals, and an estimated time table to meet your goals.  You will probably be given instructions and home work to support you between your PT visits.  You should be comfortable asking your PT any questions regarding your care including planned interventions and goals.  Also, when shopping around for a Physical Therapist or PT practice, you should ask whether you will be seen by the same PT each visit or if this will vary.

Physical Therapy at Posabilities

Katey Hawes, MS, PT, RYT is the owner and operator of Posabilities and is the sole Physical Therapist.  Katey has over 20 years of experience as a Physical Therapist and has her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from Old Dominion University.  Katey has experience working with a variety of patient populations and problems from infants to centurions.  Physical Therapy sessions at Posabilities are booked to allow up to 60 minutes of treatment, and every visit is with Katey.  Posabilities is a preferred provider with a variety of insurances and bills your insurance directly for services provided.  Posabilities also offers a prompt payment discount for those whose sessions are not covered by insurance and are paying privately.  In her treatments, Katey strives to provide:

  • A balance of manual techniques to help your body find greater alignment,
  • Education to help you understand how your body functions, where your imbalances may be coming from,
  • Homework and home exercises to help you manage your challenges independently between PT visits and after you have completed your course of Physical Therapy.

PosabilitiesIf you have questions about Physical Therapy services at Posabilities or wish to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us 207-743-0930 or email posabilities4u@gmail.com. For more information on the PT services at Posabilities, click here.

Katey Hawes, owner and founder of Posabilities, Inc., is a physical therapist, registered yoga teacher, and yoga therapist. You may find her at Facebook.com/posabilities4u, Twitter @Posabilities4u, and .