We are happy to offer Yang and Yin memberships for classes and Thai Yoga Massage, these memberships save you money, qualify you for additional savings, and are convenient! Memberships are monthly autopay with a one-time initiation fee. You may discontinue your autopay at any time with two weeks prior written notice.


  • If you prefer not have a credit or debit card autopay, please let us know, and we can discuss alternative options with you.
  • We do accept FSA & HSA cards, and your FSA / HSA administrator may allow you to use your account for Yoga and / or massage with a written note of medical necessity from your health care provider.  Check with your individual FSA / HSA.

Yang Class Membership – $75/month, 1 time $15 initiation fee

  • Unlimited Yoga, Wellness, and Fitness classes
  • 10% off Posabilities workshops
  • 10% off Wellness Services including Yoga Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage
  • 10% off retail sales at Posabilities

Sign Up for a Yang Class Membership Online

Yin Thai Yoga Massage Membership – Click on the membership type to register online:

  • 1 Thai Yoga Massage session per month
  • 20% off additional Thai Yoga Massage sessions
  • 10% off Yoga Therapy Offerings
  • 10% off retail sales at Posabilities

Select your session length:

Note:  All memberships and autopay will continue until you give us two weeks prior written notice to discontinue your membership. You can then resume your monthly autopay membership at any time with a $15 initiation fee.

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