Reiki? What is that?

By Susan Kane, M.Ed

When I tell people I am a Reiki Practitioner and a Reiki Master Teacher, I often get the response, “Reiki? What is that?” And, then I start sharing my understanding and passion for this gentle healing art with them, as I am going to do now with you, Dear Reader.

Ray – Key. That is how R-e-i-k-i is pronounced.  Reiki is a form of energy healing. The goal of Reiki is to heal, harmonize and balance. The energy is accessed by the practitioner from the universe to the client. In this way, Reiki acts as a jump-start to activate one’s own healing. You may have heard of other forms of energy healing as well, such as Polarity Therapy, Acupuncture, and Therapeutic Touch, to name a few. Reiki is different from other healing modalities in two basic ways. One is the use of Reiki symbols during a treatment.  Second, is the way Reiki is taught. There are three levels of learning: Reiki 1; Reiki 2; and Reiki 3. Classes are usually 6 hours long, and, therefore, it is possible to learn Reiki in a day. Training provides the tools for one to become an effective Reiki practitioner and one’s effectiveness evolves with time as experience with Reiki energy is gained. There is no tests or state licensing required; instead the trainee receives an attunement at each level from the teacher. The attunement activates the Reiki energy to begin flowing.

Recipients of Reiki have described it many different ways. You lie on a massage table, completely dressed. The practitioner moves their hands from your head down to the feet, first on the front and then the back. Most find this experience warm and calming. Some say it feels tingly. Reiki slows down the body so that you can breathe deeper. Sometimes clients drop into a light sleep as they receive the energy. (Almost all people I work with tell me their sleep improves for days after a session.) Any physical pain or anxiety you may be carrying with you as you enter the treatment room, soon dissipates after the session begins. After a treatment, many describe a feeling of Reiki Bliss, a wonderful state of well-being, empowering you to tackle any challenge you face from a place of balance.

Susan KaneMaybe you are interested in experiencing a Reiki session for yourself, or perhaps you want to learn Reiki for self-care (Reiki 1), or you are already a level 1 practitioner and want to deepen your practice. Whatever your Reiki need or interest may be, I am very happy to offer my services to the Posabilities Community.  Reiki Blessings!   Susan

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